Down the Escalator

Sometimes the most anticipated moments are the most anti-climatic.  I find myself thinking a dramatic score should be bursting from the speakers, and Star Wars-esque text should be scrolling to give context.

However, some of the most life changing moments go quietly by, unnoticed by the innocent bystanders oblivious to the drama unfolding under the surface.

I recently found myself in one of these moments, descending the escalator from my place of employment for the last time.  I was finally going to be fulfilling my purpose and doing what I had longed for years to do: stay at home with my children.

As I exited the building, heart filled with joy and anticipation, I wondered what the appropriate score would be. Dramatic symphony swelling to a crescendo?  My mind never did settle on a soundtrack.  I could wax poetic about “journeys” and “new beginnings”, but in reality I was just riding down an escalator to go catch a bus.

The real meaning is coming in the days ahead, as I learn my “new job”.  Those moments will have the soundtrack of lullabies, giggles, and the washing machine.


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